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The American brunch experience meets Filipino hospitality and flavors at RICE & SHINE.

Filipino hospitality means that guests eat well, always leaving the table busog (full) and with even MORE food to take home. Everyone’s treated like family and becomes family.


RICE & SHINE takes traditional Filipino dishes and blends them with American brunch. We want to share the culture and history of Filipino cuisine with those who are unfamiliar while offering something fresh for those who grew up eating it. “If ya don’t know, now ya know.”


At its core, Filipino cuisine is food for the soul. The spirit behind RICE & SHINE is to pay tribute to Filipino food tradition.


RICE & SHINE is a ticketed, prix fixe event with most courses served family-style.




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“When I do my events, I approach it as performance art.”

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“The thing is, about my food, I don’t try to make it too pretentious. It’s unique, but it’s not something that my auntie can’t eat. Each dish on the menu, goes through the auntie test.”

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“It’s the pride in whoever makes it,” he said. “If you go to the grocery store and get a Boar’s Head sandwich that was prepackaged and has been sitting there for two days … there’s not much love in that. This is our trade and craft.”